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Estate planning is an effective and compassionate way to provide security, support, and compassion for your loved ones after you are gone. Estate plans can benefit multiple generations if they are completed with care and the correct legal knowledge. Because so many options exist in this field, it is crucial to have the guidance of an empathetic and dedicated estate planning attorney. It is critical to find one who can enable you to understand your options so you can make the right choice for yourself and for your family and beneficiaries with regard to your assets, no matter their worth or form.

If you choose to craft a will as part of your estate plan, Goebel Estate Planning, PC, can help your vision become reality and secure appropriate and personalized access to your assets for your loved ones. Every family has different needs, and regardless of your situation, attorney Hillary Goebel can ensure that you receive a thoughtful, hands-on approach. That way, you can feel confident in the choices you have made for the future of your finances and your family.

Hillary Goebel at Goebel Estate Planning, PC, in Temecula, California

Attorney Hillary Goebel has worked for decades helping clients design wills and estate plans that outline in detail their exact requirements for what will happen to their assets and their families after they have passed on. Although writing a will is an emotionally charged event, fraught with stress and conflicting feelings from multiple family members, the burden of this stressful time can be lifted by working with an attorney who can offer not only precise knowledge of this legal field but also empathy, patience and, most of all, her time.

Whether you are seeking an estate planning attorney for just a will or are potentially interested in exploring your options in trusts and California probate, attorney Hillary Goebel is passionate and wholly committed to providing clients with a personalized experience She can afford them relief, knowing that their family can be protected and provided for in any event and that their legacy can be intact for future generations.

What Is a Will?

A will is the most common tool used in estate planning. It provides a detailed description of the outcomes of a person’s assets after they pass away. Typical types of assets included in a will can be automobiles, homes and other real estate, savings accounts, and other items that have monetary or sentimental value to the person or family. Many people may mistakenly believe that a will should be drafted later in life or at a point where a person’s health is failing and they may not survive for many more years. However, wills can be created at any time in a person’s life, and it is actually never too early to begin the process to ensure that any beneficiaries receive the assets that you wish for them to acquire.

Not only can a will ensure that your assets are passed down in accordance to your personal desires, but it can also provide care and protection to any dependents who may still be minors at the time of your death. No one can predict a tragedy, and crafting a will that details who will care for minor dependents can ensure that they do not get put into foster care or given to an unscrupulous family member or outside party.

A will must always have an executor, who is the person you designate to distribute your assets as outlined to the beneficiaries. They are legally required to follow your wishes as an executor, and this is another level of protection for you and your loved ones. If a person dies and has not named an executor or created a will, it follows that an executor will be named by the court, and any assets will be given to your next of kin, regardless of what your wishes may have been.

Wills vs. Trusts

A trust is another tool used in estate planning that can guard your assets. It is a specific type of account wherein you may place your assets. In doing so, you assign another person, known as the trustee, to take care of the account and your assets. There are multiple types of trusts that can pertain to both financial assets and a person’s healthcare. Although a will is less complicated, a trust can offer greater protection against taxes and probate.

If you decide to create a trust, after you pass away, your trustee will then be called upon to convey your stipulations by distributing the assets you outlined. Provided that the trust has been drafted by a responsible and knowledgeable attorney who understands the proper protocol under California estate law, your trust can avoid going to probate court. Moreover, if you choose a living trust, this will buy you more time to alter any verbiage of the trust before you are gone. You may also be able to minimize mandatory taxes with an irrevocable trust, although this type of trust is not accessible or alterable once the draft is finalized.


Probate court occurs when the state determines that it must settle any of the deceased’s debts. These include unpaid taxes, personal loans, and probate fees. Creating a will or trust can minimize or eliminate the time-consuming and costly need for your documents, or lack thereof, to be seen by a judge, who must decide if they are valid under the eyes of the law. Even if you chose a trustee and assigned them to your estate administration, there is still a chance that the documents will need to be reviewed in probate. The more thorough and complete your will or trust is, the better your beneficiaries’ chances of quickly acquiring access to your assets upon your death and preventing any further litigation.

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Contacting attorney Hillary Goebel is the first step to planning for the future of your estate. She can craft a will that provides security, safety, and loving closure for your family when the time comes. The size of your estate is of no consequence, nor is your familial situation. Goebel Estate Planning, PC, has the tools and compassionate, personalized services to design and finalize your will. Your family’s future is important, and she can help you move forward with the first steps when you contact her office online today.

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